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Angel's Share


Roast Level: DARK
Barrel Strength: LIGHT-MEDIUM

The idea for Angel's Share was born when we accidentally left some 100% Whiskey Barrel Coffee in the grinder while grinding our morning classic line choice.  The resulting brew was a delicious full bodied coffee with a strong hint of the flavor that makes our Whiskey Barrel Coffee so great.

After a few tweaks, we created a perfect blend of our Whiskey Barrel Coffee and our Classic Line.  Our 100% Whiskey Barrel Coffee Dark Roast is blended with our classic line to create a product that offers the best part of each.  The smooth, bold coffee flavors and delicate whiskey finish make Angel's Share a blend you will come back to over and over.  This is the everyday coffee fans of Whiskey Barrel Coffee have been waiting for!

Angel's Share is sold in 10 oz bags and is available only in whole bean.

*All expedited orders placed after 2pm MST will ship next business day.

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