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Limited Edition - Molly Brown Angel's Share - 10oz


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Roast Level: DARK
Barrel Strength: MEDIUM-STRONG

For this limited edition release we have chosen to collaborate with Molly Brown Spirits in Denver, Colorado.

Molly Brown's delicious Bourbon is made with their signature 3-grain blend of 75% Corn, 18% Rye and 7% Malted Barley aged in new American charred oak barrels. The result is a beautifully balanced Bourbon with a familiar corn sweetness up front followed by subtle spice and complexity derived from the rye and barley.

We were delighted at the opportunity to age our beans in one of their freshly emptied barrels!

Molly Brown Angel's Share is made by combining 100% Molly Brown barrel aged Whiskey Barrel Coffee with non barrel aged beans to create a dark roast blend that offers the best parts of each.

The Molly Brown barrel takes Angel's Share to a whole new place. The subtle vanilla and spice notes elevate the blend in a way that will have you wishing it wasn't a limited run!

Molly Brown Angel's Share is sold in 10 oz bags and is available only in whole bean.

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